Our Services

Sourcing and Pre-screening

  • Receives and accepts job order
  • Searches and paper screens the resume of the candidates through job boards, 24HRPO’s database, or other online sources
  • Conducts screening interviews on candidates based on job order requirements
  • Develops relationships with candidates, ensuring each candidate has a positive recruiting experience with our organization
  • Submits and endorses qualified candidates to the onshore team
  • Works closely with your onshore recruiting team to facilitate interview discussions
  • Updates candidate information on the applicant tracking system

Full Life-Cycle Recruiting

  • Starts with Sourcing and Pre-screening
  • Schedules candidate interviews with the hiring manager
  • Extends job offer to the hired candidate
  • Participates in the on-boarding process of hired candidates
  • Gets in touch with workers and contractors on assignment
  • Liaises between employer and contractor during exit stage

VMS Coordination and Administration

  • Assigns and distributes requisitions to recruiters
  • Submits candidate to VMS external tools
  • Checks the status of job orders in the external tool and matches them on the status priority in ATS
  • Sends requisition updates in ATS from the VMS external tool
  • Coordinates with the MSPs account managers to validate, clarify if there are any unclear processes or items regarding req details, submission slots, etc.
  • Attends weekly client and/or supplier calls
  • Sends interview requests and confirm the schedule with MSPS contact person and account managers


  • Extends offers to candidates and guide successful hires with the onboarding process
  • Sends onboarding documents to candidates
  • Sends and processes background check, credit, drug test paperwork
  • Creates record, check, and manage details
  • Manages and coordinates scheduled start
  • Approves onboarding documents
  • Conducts quarterly or annual client audit for workers
  • Creates contract workers’ monthly FACIS (Fraud Abuse Control Information System) report

Resume Formatting

  • Tidies up and formats resume based on agreed template and framework

Healthcare staffing

  • Staffs or schedules nurse to different facilities AM and PM staffing
  • Enters detail of the nurses and their shifts in the system
  • Coordinates with payroll and credentialing
  • Reaches out to different facilities
    Fills the needs of the facilities (per diem) medical and non-medical facilities based on a nurse registry
  • Answers all the inquiries of nurses, clients and facilities
  • Schedules Charting System training for the new nurses

HR Administration

  • Administers payroll, benefits, and other employee relation activities such as but is not limited to

                  ✔ timesheets
                  ✔ management
                  ✔ between client, contractors, and other shareholders concerns
                   ✔ HR ad-hoc functions


  • Sends credentialing checklist to candidates for on-boarding
  • Creates profile for skills checklists
  • Coordinates schedule for medical appointments
  • Creates profiles and upload medical files and documents to the client’s portal
  • Conducts background check
  • Sends checklists and tests from the system to the nurses