Why the Philippines is the best place to outsource


Cultural Alignment

  • English Dominance: English serves as the primary language for business, while educational institutions follow the American education system, fostering familiarity with American English diction and pronunciation.
  • Western Cultural Affinity: The Philippines exhibits a cultural affinity with Western markets and traditions.

Cost Efficiency

  • Competitive Labor Costs: The Philippines offers significantly lower labor costs compared to the U.S., with total expenses amounting to a fraction of equivalent positions stateside.
  • Reduced Expenditure: Offshore teams typically operate at approximately 50% of onshore costs.

Skilled Workforce Availability

  • High Educational Attainment: With a literacy rate of 95.9% and widespread access to higher education, the Philippines boasts a well-educated populace.
  • Abundant Talent Pool: Renowned universities consistently churn out a large pool of graduates annually, bolstering the availability of skilled professionals.
  • Retention of Talent: The burgeoning outsourcing industry fosters local job opportunities, encouraging skilled workers to remain in the Philippines.

Economic Stability and Growth

  • Decade-Long Stability: A stable government for over a decade has ensured a conducive environment for business operations.
  • Supportive Infrastructure: The government’s initiatives include the establishment of outsourcing hubs, IT parks, and economic zones nationwide.
  • Attractive Incentives: The Philippine Economic Zone Authority (PEZA) offers competitive economic incentives to businesses.
  • Legal Framework: The legal system features robust contract law and intellectual property protection akin to the U.S., enhancing business security.
  • Familiar Accounting Practices: Accounting systems mirror the general procedures utilized in the U.S., facilitating seamless financial operations.