Our History


“Connecting bridges of business opportunities”

Founded on the principles of trustworthiness, transparency, flexibility, and collaboration, 24-hour HR Process Outsourcing Incorporated embarked on its journey in 2008 with a commitment to delivering round-the-clock HR solutions. Originating with a focus on recruitment process outsourcing (RPO), our initial collaboration with a California-based staffing company laid the groundwork for our evolution into a trusted partner for organizations seeking outsourced HR services.

At 24HRPO , we’re not just another HR solutions provider; we’re your trusted ally. We believe in openness and honesty, working hand in hand with you to adapt flexibly and collaborate effectively. Together, we pave the way to connect opportunities with your business objectives.”

Transparency is at the core of our operations, ensuring that clients have full visibility into our processes and fostering trust in our services. Recognizing the importance of adaptability, we tailor our programs to meet the unique needs of each client, demonstrating our commitment to flexibility in addressing evolving requirements.

Central to our approach is collaboration, as we work closely with clients to understand their objectives and overcome challenges together. This collaborative spirit has positioned 24-hour HR Process Outsourcing Incorporated as a preferred partner for companies operating in industries such as Information Technology, Aerospace, and Healthcare.

In today’s fast-paced business landscape, talent acquisition is paramount. Our team is dedicated to sourcing top-tier candidates, providing organizations with the talent necessary for success. Whether it’s day or night, our unwavering commitment to excellence drives us forward.

The evolution of recruitment process outsourcing (RPO) underscores its significance in modern business, emphasizing the importance of collaboration and trust. At 24-hour HR Process Outsourcing Incorporated, we embrace these values, understanding that success is built on mutual respect and cooperation.