If you’re looking for a way to hire talented candidate without any hassle, 24 – Hour HR Process Outsourcing Incorporated has services waiting for you. If you outsource your recruitment needs to 24 HRPO, we will provide you with a hiring team. They will meet with you to assess the hiring needs of your organization. Then, they will headhunt talented candidates across the country. They will interview all of these candidates, and they will do background checks and contact their references. We have streamlined our RPO process, making it as easy for you as possible. You will be able to sit back while we find talented employees who will make your company thrive.
     While we are recruiting and hiring, you will never be in the dark. You will have been able to contact your hiring team at all times. They will provide you with a timeline when they begin recruiting so you will know when every deadline is going to be met. At 24HRPO, we believe in complete transparency. We will update you daily and weekly on how the hiring process is going, and we will always be available to answer your questions, no matter how big or small they are. By outsourcing your recruiting and hiring to 24HRPO, you will be able to save both time and money, and you will know you will be hiring only the best candidates across the country.
Our RPO services gives you:

  • Maximize your hiring capability
  • A cost-efficient and better service delivery
  • Access to flexible, scalable and talented human resources
  • More responsive and efficient workforce planning
  • A rise in corporate and brand reputation as an employer

A Streamlined Recruitment Process Outsourcing Solution
    Our process for recruitment is so successful because we have streamlined it. We create a team that understands your needs and goals. They are able to use these criteria to find candidates who can help your company excel. We also give you a complete timeline of how the recruitment will progress, and we update you both daily and weekly. You will never be in the dark about what’s happening and you can be ensured that we are on track. You will also be able to contact the recruitment team with any questions you have at any time. By using RSI for Recruitment Process Outsourcing, your Sacramento organization will soon be filled with departments full of talented employees.

Finding You the Most Talented and Qualified Recruits in Across the Country
      With 24 – Hour HR Process Outsourcing Incorporated, you stay connected with professionals across multiple industries. This way your company’s performance remains unhindered as we know where and how to find you the best individuals to enhance that performance. Our professional teams of highly qualified headhunters from all over the Philippines are on a constant look out for any talent that is capable to meet your company’s standards.
  With 24HRPO as your source of recruitment, you will get the most superior talent in across the country. We can learn and understand your recruitment requirements by working with your company and make sure that every solution we come up with meets the standards and needs of your organization.

Catering to Multiple Industries across United States of America

  Every industry requires a different set of talent. Regardless of the size, 24HRPO does stringent evaluations with in-depth reviews of the candidates. We believe the only way to help you beat your competition is to give you a workforce that can come up with innovative strategies to outclass your rivals in every way. In today’s business world, leaders make the difference. They are the ones that lead an organization towards success. With 24 – Hour HR Process Outsourcing Incorporated, we cater to all minor and major industries by providing Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO) services in the US. The industries include:

IT Recruitment, Healthcare, Accounting, Finance, Aero Space, Engineering, Industrial Engineering, Call Center Mass Hiring, Administrative Roles, Security Professionals with Criminal Justice Background.