by Vyron Ang


It has been a tradition and a yearly business practice for 24HRPO to be on travel missions – attending ASA’s Staffing World convention in particular is one of them.

But then came the Pandemic…

A few months earlier, I have been wondering on how we (24HRPO) can continue or attend the said convention. It was very unlikely that ASA would proceed with the traditional-physical-onshore-setup given the present landscape. “Probably via Zoom? I then told myself… “But how is that a convention?” starting to feel luna from constantly talking to self – effects of extended isolation from the society. I was almost convinced that this year’s event would be a poor if not a bad investment on 24HRPO.

Virtual Convention Platform

As a an avid gamer, having experienced multiple consoles from Famicom, SEGA, SNES to PSes, and exposure to a plethora of online games – I have always fantasized on being able to apply its technology on the RPO and staffing industry (i.e. imagine hunting live resumes the same way you hunt those “pocket monsters” from a very famous mobile gaming app ) wouldn’t that be fun? And FUN… has yet to be deeply incorporated via technology in making the present day worker more engaged in his/her job, hence much more productive. Anyhow, that’s a different topic for a different article…

Following that idea though, ASA was able to pull off a SIMS like Virtual Platform Convention – first in Staffing/RPO history and 24HRPO was there to partake on that momentous occasion!

I was all fired up learning on how the convention would be. The horror from the initial thoughts of having endless Zoom meetings was wiped out instantly “Shame on me for doubting…” whispered by the oh so familiar voice inside my head.

Learning and 24HRPO Core Group building

The adversities brought by the pandemic combined with the experience, knowledge and wisdom obtained from this year’s convention has made 24HRPO’s core team a stronger and better version of its former self – Learning about new technologies built to serve the new normal, fortifying our leader’s different “Qs” (i.e. IQ, EQ, TQ etc.), receiving leadership empowerment from world class mentors and gaining new knowledge on a variety of recruiting/staffing best practices are samples of CoreGroup’s new arsenals.

24HRPO Team: Better equipped for 2021 and New Normal!

More than surviving the pandemic, 24HRPO has remained strong and has gotten better in developing its staff, creating value to its partners, and serving the RPO/staffing community by helping employ the unemployed. Now like any other video games mostly RPGs (Role Playing Games) levelling up and gaining new items are preparatory for greater challenges or stages. And this is what 24HRPO and its team is all about – READY FOR HIGHER LEVELS!!!