Our History

Human resources can be compared to natural resources that are buried deep.  One has to look for them painstakingly so that he/she can be honed to perform for the benefit of more people.



Finding the natural resources fit to be honed and to lead has been the goal of 24HRPO since it started operating in 2008.  It was incorporated in November of the same year.  From then on, 24 HRPO has vowed to fulfill its promise of becoming the best offshore provider of outsourced HR services.



Earlier, the Management saw the need of having a team of professionals dedicated to providing recruitment process outsourcing services.  Starting with only five staff, 24 HRPO started servicing a California-based staffing company doing sourcing of candidates and formatting of resumes.  In 2009, 24 HRPO worked with a medical staffing company recruiting nurses and other healthcare professionals.



24-hour HR Process Outsourcing Inc. was established on a simple concept of providing HR solutions round-the-clock.  In order for the organization to fulfill its mission, the people behind it worked night and day with the following visions:



            “Connecting bridges of business opportunities”

“24HRPO as the leading HR solutions provider connecting bridges of opportunities to business objectives.”



Since then, complete recruitment process developed and was transformed to professional business alliance with different companies.   A specialized program tailored to fit the client’s needs is our focal point which will serve as an integral part of your organization in producing mutual long term service and partnership.  One of the fastest growing HR process outsourcing firms, 24 HRPO has provided recruitment solutions to companies here and abroad.  24 HRPO operates with focus on Information Technology, Aerospace, and Healthcare.



Our team knows that every organization needs the natural resources.  Our aim is to help you find them and bring them to your office.  As long as there is an organization in need of a pool of talents to help them achieve more, 24 HRPO is ready to serve round-the-clock!



Indeed, the recruitment process outsourcing (RPO) in general has evolved into a big industry.  What started out as some sort of band-aid solution to the problem of locating and hiring technical specialists, which was experienced by Silicon Valley’s growing companies in 1970s, turned out to be a perfect solution for almost all companies nowadays.



Along with the benefits of RPO is a message of cooperation.  As the cliché goes, it takes two to tango.  Let’s help each other.


People behind the round-the-clock business

Darryl F. Stone, co-founder and Chairman

Darryl has gained more than 40 years of experience in the field of information technology (IT) and IT Staffing.  He served as a programmer in one of the biggest aerospace companies in the United States and later formed an IT staffing company catering the aerospace industry.  Currently, he is the Chief Finance Officer of a California-based staffing company.

Mario R. Enriquez, co-founder and President

One of the Philippines’ top 10 Entrepreneurs, Mario has over 30 years of experience in the field of business process outsourcing (BPO) operations, finance and IT.  He started working with the Philippines’ biggest auditing firm and later worked with a number of companies in various industries across different corporate cultures.  Using his expertise in finance and BPO operations, Mario formed Extramind Consulting, Inc., a finance consulting firm which eventually focused to business process outsourcing.


Extramind Corporation

Extramind Corporation is the group’s marketing and client support company in the United States of America.  It is based in California, with offices in Fremont and Diamond Bar, Ca.

Extrasolutions Technology, Inc.

Extratech provides technical support for all the group’s engagements and technology deployments.  It is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Extramind Global Outsourcing Group, Inc., the BPO firm that Mario Enriquez founded in 2001.

Key Principles in Mind

You are our partner towards growth.

We at 24 HRPO believe that every business should treat each other as partners in progress.  In one way or another, we are helping each other achieve our respective goals.  And at the end of the day, we are existing to help the people and the whole nation.

Communication is the heart of success.

Effective communication paves the way to better understanding.  We make sure that every step of the way, we understand what the client is trying to say and where he/she is coming from.  Good thing Filipinos are champion communicators.  Philippines is named as 2012 world’s best country in business English, meaning Filipinos take active role in business discussions and are able to perform relatively complex business tasks.

Trust is important for both of us.

Human Resources is a field where trust is of utmost importance.  It is one of the things a company is continuously building through the years.  At 24 HRPO, you can trust that we value your voice because we know you can help us improve our craft.