Elliza Mae Zayo – Recruiter at 24HRPO

“Being a fresh graduate and entering the business world makes me feel like I’m a preschooler who needs to know and learn a lot from school. And choosing 24-HRPO as my first home when it comes to professional experience, is probably one of the best decision that I’ve ever made. Why? simply because, a few weeks ago, I was just me. Soft-spoken, shy, no confidence at all. Then, I’ve had to undergo training, days have passed, a lot of things happened, I can now say that I am the 2.0 version of my old self. I can now express myself better without any hesitations, aI have learned many things that I didn’t know existed before, most of all, I’m now confident with myself. Training is not easy, but it is a process where you will be able to know your strengths and weaknesses. It is a way on how you will develop your skills and enhance your capability. Especially in 24-HRPO, it is not just simply learning, but also working while having fun and making the most out of your career.”

Anna Jocelle Valenzuela - Recruiter

Anna Jocelle Valenzuela – Recruiter

“As a fresh graduate, everything in the corporate world is new to me. The good thing is, we have the New Hire Training before really hitting the reality of the recruitment world. 24 HRPO really helped us improve ourselves a lot – from proper pronunciation of words to the right attitude towards work. Now, I could say that I can confidently talk to people without thinking whether my grammar or my pronunciation is correct or not. And another good experience I had here in 24 HRPO is that I was able to meet new people that I know will become my lifelong friends.”



Honey Ronathy Tañedo -HR Specialists

Honey Ronathy Tañedo -HR Specialist

“24HRPO sees the potentials in young professionals. It hones them and promotes growth, development, and equal opportunity for each and every one, with or without professional experience. As a fresh graduate, being new to the corporate world and “adulting” is a big challenge for me. Moments of ups and downs are apparent, but my supervisors/mentors and the encouraging environment in the office serves as my source of drive and enthusiasm to showcase my competence. Our company embodies Work and Life Integration as we have activities and celebrations that balance pressure and joy while working! 24HRPO takes care of the employees as much as we take care of our clients. Employees’ accomplishments are a reflection of the company’s success!”


Jean Samson - Associate Trainer

Jean Samson – Associate Trainer

My first professional experience was with 24HRPO. I was trained, and I worked as an HR Specialist. Not only did it helped me make the transition from the academe to the industry, but it also made me love the business. The best thing about this company is that it sees everyone’s potential and works on building the aptitude of individuals. It gives me the exposure I need and opportunities I know would be hard to get elsewhere. Now, I just celebrated my first anniversary with 24HRPO and I’m looking forward to celebrating more.